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Parents Support Group


Mainstream PSG

Members: All parents, family members and persons with close and supportive relationships with any child studying in Changkat Primary School and those who want to enrol their child in Changkat in the future

PIE Club Organisation Chart

PIE Club Chart 2016.JPG

Members: Male only
Female members are only Affiliate Members
Cross over of membership with Mainstream PSG

Our Goal:
To work together as parents with the School and/or third parties in support of the School’s Vision and Mission and Core Values, for the holistic and overall educational benefit, character development and general well-being of the children (or any group of children) of Changkat Primary School. Our Motto, our Guiding Principle:

With Honour, Passion and PRIDE; Without Fear, Favour, or Prejudice.

This Motto is also consistent with the School’s Vision and Core Values. “Honour” and “Passion” are taken from the School’s Vision : “Learners with Passion, Citizens of Honour”. PRIDE in capitals, are the School’s Core Values and is an acronym for:

P Patriotism
R Resilience
I   Integrity
D Discipline
E Empathy

The Club and its members embrace each one of the Values as represented by the letters that make up the word PRIDE, and at the same time would like to encourage the Volunteers to take pride in their roles. Our Logo, what we see ourselves to be:

A family of penguins, 2 adult penguins, one male, one female standing on either side of a child penguin, PRIDE, our School’s Mascot.

The Logo depicts the role of the Volunteers (as adult penguins) protecting and looking after the smaller child-like PRIDE penguin which represents the Children. The father penguin has Honour and the mother penguin Passion appearing on them respectively (again emphasising the School’s Vision and the Club’s Motto). The child penguin in the centre underscores our Purpose – which is: the Children. The word “PRIDE” appearing on the child penguin presents two things: firstly; the Core Values of the School and secondly; the sense of Pride that we have in the Children and thirdly; our sense of pride in our roles as Volunteers.

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