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Principal's Message

1.jpgTowards the end of 2016, results of two international benchmarking studies, Trends in International Math and Science Studies (TIMMS) and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) were published. In both studies, Singapore students did very well in Mathematics, Science and Reading. More importantly, the results showed that reforms in our educational system are headed in the right direction towards preparing our students for the future.


Here in Changkat, Teachers and AEDs are committed to do our best to help our students acquire not just strong fundamentals in literacy and numeracy, but also socio-emotional skills and 21st Century Competencies, namely, Critical and Inventive Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills, and Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills. These competencies would enable our students to navigate the many opportunities and challenges of the future. Our efforts are best summed up in our mission statement- “to instil the love for learning and nurture all-round individuals, grounded by values”.

The school completed its re-envisioning exercise last year. In alignment to MOE directions, our work in the next few years would be to look at ways to imbue our students with a “Joy of Learning”, strengthen their intrinsic motivation to embrace lifelong learning, and acquire the confidence and resilience to try and learn new things throughout life. One way would be to design quality teaching and learning with technology so that Students are engaged in Active Learning. Teachers will be guided by Differentiated Instruction as a planning philosophy and Cooperative Learning as a school-wide pedagogy. Learner information gathered on the go through observations, interactions and use of formative assessment strategies would be used to help Teachers make better and informed decisions about teaching and learning. An example where technology can be harnessed for active learning is the use of digital platforms to promote sharing of ideas and thinking.

The school would also be looking into ways to engage our students more meaningfully on Singapore-related issues. This takes on greater significance in the light of increasing diversity within our society as well as a maturing populace that is better informed through the internet and new media. It is against this backdrop that the school is working to refresh her efforts to promote a strong Singapore Spirit, so that our students can develop a strong sense of belonging to Singapore, a keener sense of social unity and cohesion, and a desire to contribute beyond themselves to help fellow Singaporeans succeed. One such programme under our refreshed Citizenship and Character Education curriculum is Shine@CKPS which aims to cultivate in our students good habits for life through everyday responsibilities by involving them in daily cleaning activities.  

We are excited by the work we are embarking on and would like to invite our parents to join us on this journey. It remains our fervent belief that strong Home-School Collaboration is essential in creating an impactful curriculum. We would have achieved our school vision “Learners with Passion, Citizens of Honour” if our children are able to lead purposeful lives, take care of themselves and their families, and contribute to the community. We look forward to partnering our parents in this endeavour.


Yours in education

Mrs May Tang

Principal / Changkat Pr