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School Crest, History, Song

School Crest

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Changkat Primary School was initially named Changkat Changi Primary School because of its location. It was built on the top of a small hill ("changkat" means small hill in Malay) at Changi Road.

In 1988, the school moved to the present premises and was renamed Changkat Primary School. In 2002, the school was scheduled for upgrading under PRIME. The school thus shifted to No.7, Jalan Tiga Ratus and occupied the old school premises. In June 2004, Changkat Primary moved back to its present premises at Simei Street 3.

The school academic performance has been steadily progressing over the years. It has also seen success in the non-academic areas such as Sports and Games, Aesthetics and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

There is a steady demand for more places in the school from the surrounding neighbourhood in the past few years. With a pleasant and conducive teaching-learning environment and a committed and dedicated staff, the school is set to surge forward to achieve greater heights in both the academic and non-academic fields.


We at Changkat Primary
Our voices raised in unity
Changkat Primary is our choice 
Let us sing it in one voice 
One family in harmony 
Soaring towards our destiny

Learners with Passion 
Citizens of Honour 
Changkat as one 
In harmony (x2)

In work and play we give our best 
With passion and zest in all our quests 
Learning to tell what's right and wrong 
Making friends and building bonds 
Always striving to be the best 
Bringing honour to our crest

Learners with Passion 
Citizens of Honour 
Changkat as one 
In harmony (x2)