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Principal's Message

Principal’s Message 2020

In 2018, we began a time of Cultivation. At Changkat Primary, we are growing Learners with Passion, Citizens of Honour. In order for us to bear fruits, we must grow deep and grow strong:

  • to grow deep, we must soften our hearts with humility and the School Values (Patriotism, Resilience, Integrity, Discipline and Empathy)
  • to grow strong, we must remove all kinds of life stealers (addictions, negative thoughts and behaviours) and embrace the School Motto (to Learn, to Live, to Serve)

In 2019, we learnt to grow deep in Resilience. A person with resilience stays focussed, is self-motivated and never gives up. Just like a tiny mustard seed can grow into a huge mustard tree, every Changkat student, small and weak he/she may be, has the potential to become someone great in future. Focus on our dream. It will keep us motivated. Secondly, a happy person takes on challenges and never gives up. In our daily lives, it's not happiness that makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy. Develop a lifestyle of gratitude in our students and they will become happy people who never give up.

In 2020, the world is hit by COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and we are put to a test of our resilience. My staff and I have been working tirelessly to manage the situation while ensuring that education proceeds normally. In doing so, we are also educating our students that life will throw a curve-ball at us from time to time, but as we rally together to manage to the best of our abilities, we will come out stronger.

Every student’s health is our concern. We have made good plans and executed them well, from visual screening to temperature checks to handwashing to wipe-down routine. These are done while ensuring the day-to-day lessons stay intact, engaging and meaningful. To ensure learning continues for students on LOA/Approved Absence, we have delivered Home-Based Learning (HBL) packages and developed 3-day packages to standby for school closure. We sharpen our craft to ensure our HBL packages are of high quality. All these efforts were taken within an extremely short span of time. We also carried out Total Defence Day (TDD) lessons to empower our students to love the nation and engage their hearts to serve the frontline heroes with their words and pictures. Teachers read through all the students’ works and selected many good ones to be sent to the hospitals and immigration for the frontline heroes.

Presenting our gifts to CGH CEO Prof Lee Chien Earn.


We are grateful that parents have been mostly cooperative and working alongside the schools in the management of the situation. Such partnerships give us the strength and encouragement to know that we are on the same team, looking after our students.


On 16 Jan 2020, in my address to the students for 2020, I said we will all Grow Strong by Serving. “To Serve” is the part of our school motto that gives the purpose “To Learn” and “To Live”, and it is important for us to understand what it means and live it.

The mind-set of serving is:

  • A lifestyle that focuses on others
    • Always give
    • Not to be served but to serve
  • Finding meaning not in position or title but in serving
  • Being a servant leader – lead by serving

What is true serving?
  • True serving has no strings attached
    • Serve even no one notice or appreciate
    • Serve without requiring rewards
  • True serving does not calculate
    • Serve out of joy
    • Welcome all opportunities to serve
    • Serve friends as well as enemies
  • True serving listens with patience before action
    • Serve with sensitivity

This year, let us learn to serve by:
  • Serving together in teams, to care for the needs of others in the community
  • Saving the Earth, by:
    • Reducing waste
    • Reducing the use of disposables
    • Using re-usable containers, utensils, water bottles, carriers, …

Let us all grow strong by serving… Press on! 


Cheng Huey Teng (Mrs) 


20 Feb 2020