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Engaged & Happy Learners.

To maximise pupils' learning potential through an experiential curriculum that moulds them to be active and socially skilled learners.

The Strategies for Engaged and Effective Development (SEED) Programme at Changkat Primary is a personalised programme for P1 and P2 pupils beginning with the P1 cohort in 2005. With only 30 of them in each class, these young pupils receive the special attention they deserve from their teachers.

The pupils' two-year induction to primary school education is largely experiential in nature; it is designed to ignite pupils with a passion for learning and equip them with the basic skills to explore and pursue it.

Childhood theories form the principles behind the strategies adopted to engage the pupils. It is the belief of the school that all pupils can learn and achieve. Learning experiences in and out of the classrooms thus serve as opportunities for teachers to match, stretch and celebrate pupils' successes, so that they are ready to take on the rigour that comes with the higher levels of primary school education.
Desired Outcomes (2 years)
At the end of the primary 2 education, pupils should:
  • have developed skills in language and literacy, numeracy, aesthetics and creative expression.
  • understand the value of and practise honesty.
  • show a caring and giving attitude towards others.
  • show a liking for and willingness to work cooperatively with others.
  • have the ability to communicate effectively.
  • be aware of environmental and health issues
Practices at Changkat
  • Themes centred around pupils' interest (we learn about ourselves, the neighbourhood, and much more!)
  • Field Trips (the world is our classroom, we go out to learn deeper.)
  • Pupils' Portfolio (Pupils' work is showcased for parents to have better understanding of the learning that has taken place.)