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Dress Code

School Attire And Dress Code
Wearing Our School Uniform with Pride

The way we wear our uniform reflects our pride and attitude and is also a projection of our image to the public. Our dress code sets the standard for our attire and guides us to uphold the good name of the school. The focus is on being neat and clean at all times.

1. All students must be properly attired at all times in school. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • Students are to wear the school T-shirt and school PE shorts during PE lessons.
  • Students are not allowed to wear a T-shirt under the shirt or blouse.
  • Students are not allowed to adorn any jewellery or trinklets. These will be confiscated.
  • For students with pierced ears, only plain ear-studs should be worn.
  • PE T-shirts should be tucked in at all times. 

2. Name Tags are to be work on the school uniform and T-shirt at all times. They are to be sewn 3cm above the breast pockets or school badge respectively.

3. Students must have their names and class sewn or written using waterproof markers on the tabs found on the inner side of the shirt/blouse collar and skirts/shorts waistband. This is for easy identification in case any student misplaces these personal items.

Hair (Boys)
  • Neatly combed
  • Hair should not cover the forehead, touch the ear or collar of the school uniform.
  • No fanciful hairstyle
  • Tinting of hair is not allowed

Hair (Girls)
  • Preferably short hair.
  • Long hair(hair touching the shoulder) should be tied neatly into ponytails or plaited. 
  • Only plain black or blue ribbons and hair bands should be used to tie the hair.
  • Fringes should be kept at 1cm above the eyebrows.
  • Colouring or highlighting of hair is not allowed.

Shoes and Socks
  • Only plain black shoes.
  • Only white socks or socks bearing Changkat logo.
  • No ankle socks.