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Changkat Primary School Staff being conferred Excellent Service Award (EXSA) 2014

Launched in 1994, EXSA is a national award that recognizes individuals who have delivered outstanding service. It seeks to develop service role models within organizations for staff to emulate, create service champions and professionalize customer service. EXSA is coordinated by SPRING Singapore and comprises 7 industries - Attractions, Banking, Hospitality, Land Transport, Public Service, Retail and Restaurant. The Public Service Division’s PS21 Office coordinates the participation of the Public Service in EXSA and is supported by the Civil Service College for the EXSA administration and training requirements. 5,397 officers from over 194 public agencies (including Schools) were nominated for 2014’s EXSA award for public sector. Of these, 1,598 officers were from MOE HQ and Schools. These officers exemplify our commitment to serve our customers with excellence. EXSA is a national platform that gives us the
opportunity to celebrate and recognise these officers who have contributed to this culture of service excellence and inspire others to do so. The award recipients from our school. 

They are: 

(classes indicated in brackets are classes helmed by Officers in 2014)

Star Awardees
Mrs Elaine Heng.jpg

Form Teacher Of Class
2 Kindness
Mrs Esther Franco-Seet.jpg

Form Teacher Of Class
5 Empathy
Miss Goh Huang Yiing Gina.jpg

CL teacher

Mr Ho Han Keong Philip.jpg


Form Teacher Of Class
2 Resilience
Mr Mohd Taufeek B Ramlan.jpg

 Miss Nurizzati Atikah Bte Suhaiemi.jpg

Form Teacher Of Class
5 Resilience
 Mrs Rajeswary Thillaikumar.jpg

Form Teacher Of Class
3 Empathy
Mr Satiish Sathasilvam.jpg

Mdm Sharifah Masturah.jpg Mrs Suzanna Bambang.jpgMdm Syarifah Fatimah.jpg 

Gold Awardees

Mr Ban Choon Kwee.jpg

Miss Carina Chua Li Jun.jpg

CL Teacher

Miss Ha Siok Ting.jpg

Form Teacher Of Class
1 Empathy
Mdm Min Yu.jpg

Mdm Salmi Bte Rahmat.jpg

Miss Grace Seah Pei Ru.jpg

CL Teacher

 Mdm Yeo Lee Theng Deon.jpg

Form Teacher Of Class
3 Kindness


Silver Awardees
Mdm Ong Siew Khim.jpg

CL Teacher
Mdm Siti Mariam Bte Abdullah.jpg

Mr Tong Kum Yuen.jpg


A hearty congratulation to all award recipients!!