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Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2015

The Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Symposium is an annual event coorganized by MOE and Mother Tongue Language Learning and Promotion Committees (MTLLPC), with support from the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism (LKYFB), Chinese Language and Culture Fund (CLCF), the Bicultural Taskforce (BCT), the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and the Singapore Press Holdings. The theme for this year is “Our Mother Tongues as Living Languages”, focusing on the importance of building a firm MTL foundation from young and making the learning of MTL a family-centred effort. 

Targeted at educators, MTL academia, parents of young children and the general public, the Symposium provides a platform for the exchange of ideas among educators and parents on our children’s learning of MTL. The event will feature 20 sharing sessions and workshops, 40 exhibition booths by pre-school centres, schools and our partners showcasing innovative teaching methods and community programmes, all-day language performances and activities, and the sale of MTL learning resources. Parents and Guardians can access the event website www.mtls.com.sg for more details of the symposium.

Our school will be setting up an exhibition booth (Booth B4 at level 3) to showcase the Chinese Language Department’s pedagogy in Oral Teaching. Our very own student ambassadors from Pr 2 and 3 will be engaging the public. Please come and support our Teachers and Pupils!