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MSEA Awardees 2018

The MSEA recognises MOE staff who are passionate in their service delivery, consistently serve internal and external customers with C.A.R.E. (Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Effectiveness), and inspire their colleagues to do likewise. We are most pleased and proud to announce the 2018 MSEA awardees:

MSEA Platinum – Mr Philip Ho (Operation Manager)
Mr Ho Han Keong Philip.jpg

MSEA Gold – Mr Satiish Sathasilvam (HOD/CCE)

Mr Satiish Sathasilvam.jpg

MSEA Silver – Ms Gina Goh (CL Teacher)
Miss Goh Huang Yiing Gina.jpg

• MSEA Silver –Ms Jean Wang (LH/SC)
Ms Jean Wang Xiujun.jpg

• MSEA Silver – Mdm Salmi Rahmat (HOD/SC) 
Mdm Salmi Bte Rahmat.jpg