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National Primary Games Creation Competition 2017

We are very pleased to announce that the team fielded by our school emerged as first runner-up under the Scratch category in this year’s National Primary Games Creation Competition. Our team, which comprises Primary 5 students
from Media Studio CCA, developed a game using the coding tool, Scratch.

The student participants are:
1. Atiananda Kyan (5R)
2. Ansh Asthana (5R)
3. Low Tze Kye (5E)
4. Wong Jia Jian (5E)
5. Danish Abdul Halim (5R)

With the contest theme of "Financial Wisdom, Entrepreneurial Spirit", our children created a business game which incorporated elements of arcade entertainment (Falling Kaya Jars) and the value of Financial Wisdom. Through
the game, players are given the opportunity to run a business to sell different types of Kaya jams. Based on the market forecast given, players have to plan how to spend their limited budget to make the various Kaya jams for sale in
order to maximise their profits.

A hearty congratulation to the school team!

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