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National Schools Chess Tournament

The school is pleased to announce that Rishab Vijayakumar from Pri 4 Resilence and Rahul Lakshmi Narasimhan from Pri 4 Empathy have both performed well in the 69th National Schools Chess Tournament conducted by the Singapore Chess Federation on the 21 and 22 March 2017.

Rahul Lakshmi Narasimhan
Score : 7/9 (Junior Boys)
First position among all schools in the East Zone - Gold medal
Position in the top 20 - Merit Medal (out of a total of over 250 kids)

Rahul has also been selected by Singapore Chess Federation to train for the National Junior High Performance Squad which will be representing Singapore in both local and global tournaments.

Rishab Vijayakumar
Despite being unwell, Rishab has won 5 rounds out of 9 games and has qualified for the National Junior Squad of the Singapore Chess Federation.

The school congratulates both Rahul and Rishab and wish them many more successes to come.