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Punctuality:Issue of Late Coming

Students must report to school on time and be ready to learn.  Punctuality is an important life skill that we need to teach our students.  Arriving to school on time sets our students up well for the day and puts them in a positive frame of mind.  Being on time helps them to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and towards others. As parents/guardians, we strongly encourage you to role-model punctuality. Your involvement is significant in our work of helping your child/ward towards leading a more disciplined and civic-minded way of life.    

School Day

Reporting Time

Reporting Venue

Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri

Before 7.50am

School Hall


Before 7.40am


 Students who do not reach the reporting venue at the stipulated timing above is considered late for school.  Student Leaders are empowered by the school to note details of students who are late.  This duty has been assigned by school.  Parent/Guardians are strongly discouraged from approaching or engaging the Student Leaders when they are on duty. The right thing to do would be to approach the General Office or Class Teachers if you have any concern or feedback.

Late-coming records help teachers to monitor students’ well-being as this behaviour is often symptomatic of more serious underlying issues.  For cases of persistent late-coming, teachers will engage parents to better understand the circumstances leading to punctuality issues. Be rest assured that the school will render the necessary advice and assistance to families as required. We seek your fullest cooperation in this matter.