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Students Wearing School Uniform with Pride

The way our students wear their school uniform reflects their pride and attitude and is also a projection of their image to the public. We constantly emphasize to our students the importance of being properly attired at all times. It was brought to our attention that some of our students face difficulty in buttoning the last button of their school uniform shirt due to its relatively small button hole. We have given feedback to the school uniform vendor. The vendor has assigned a tailor stationed at the school canteen during recess and lunch break on 16,17 and 21 to 24 May 2019 to assist students in enlarging the button hole. 

Please have your child place the shirt(s) in a properly labelled bag/package, bearing their name and class, and pass the bag/package to the vendor during recess or lunch breaks. The vendor will enlarge the button holes and return the bag/package to the students before school dismissal on the same day.