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Art @ Changkat



Pupils who are passionate and appreciative of the Arts


Instilling in our pupils the love for the visual and performing arts as well as providing diverse opportunities for self-expression


Aesthetics Team @ Changkat

Mr Satiish Sathasilvam

HOD PE, CCA & Aesthetics

Miss Hazel Huang

Art Coordinator

Mdm Aznani Bte Aladin

Assistant Art Coordinator


Art @ Changkat:

The teaching of Art in Changkat Primary is guided by the 3E framework of ‘Educate, Experience & Excel’. At the level of “Educate and Experience”, pupils are introduced to different art forms through a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. They explore and experiment different materials and processes, themes and meanings to foster creative thinking. Since Art is the quality of being human, learning is made relevant through contextualising of visual art. While developing perceptual sensitivity to their world, there will be opportunity for growth and understanding of the self and of others. Armed with the ability to create new knowledge, pupils can appreciate the processes and thinking that are involved in art making. At the level of “Excel”, pupils are strongly encouraged to participate in various external art competitions as well as show their patriotism to their class by designing cheer banners for the Sports Carnival and Inter-Class Games.



Art Curriculum

Art Curriculum Programme


P1 to P6:

1.      Drawings / Picture Making

2.      Crafts

3.      Colourings & Paintings

4.      Comic / Caricature

5.      Shading / Still Life

6.      Digital Art

P1 to P6:

·         Introduction to various elements of Art.

·         Identification of students’ interests & strengths.

·         Exposure to different medium of art.

·         Instilling creative thinking.

·         On-going student profiling to help them discover their interests and strengths


Shortlisted P5 & P6  pupils to go to Junior Academy Workshop (Visual Art) at SOTA in March, June  or November.


-Art Fiesta in collaboration with Sports Carnival


Primary 1 (PAL):

·         Drawings & Painting

·         Crafts

Primary 2 (PAL):

·         Drawings & Painting

·         Crafts

Primary 3 (MCCA):

·         Relief art

Primary 4 (MCCA):

·         Printmaking

Primary 5 (MCCA):

·         Pottery

Primary 6 (Curriculum Programme):

·         Graffiti @Changkat




P1 to P6:

·         External art competitions

·         ICG & Sports Carnival Cheer Banners