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Pupils who are passionate and appreciative of the Arts


Instilling in our pupils the love for the visual and performing art as well as providing diverse opportunities for self-expression


Aesthetics Team @ Changkat

Mr Satiish Sathasilvam

HOD PE, CCA & Aesthetics

Mr Goh Kah How

Music Coordinator

Mdm Haryati

Music Teacher


Music @ Changkat:

The teaching of Music in Changkat Primary is guided by the 3E framework of ‘Educate, Experience & Excel’. At the level of “Educate and Experience”, the focus is on cultivating and developing pupils’ skills and knowledge by providing them with direct experiences in the components of ‘Listening’ and ‘Music-Making’. Within these two components, a variety of content, skills and values are covered. In addition pupils create and improvise rhythmic and melodic phrases as well as sound effects. They are guided to notate their compositions in conventional and non-conventional forms for performances. 21st century competencies will be taught through the infusion of ICT into Music lessons with the use of computer software and iPad applications in Music creation for selected levels. At the level of “Excel”, pupils are actively encouraged to participate in various internal and external music competitions such as ‘Watch Me’ and ‘Changkat’s Got Talent’ as well as show their patriotism to their class by actively participating in the ‘Sing Singapore’ National Day mass singing.




Music Curriculum

Music Curriculum Programme


P1 to P6:

1.    NE/ Singapore Folk and community songs

2.    Soundscape

3.    Canon Singing

4.    Basic Music history/context

5.    Musical games/dances/body percussion

6.    Digital Music tools
(iPad Garageband)


P1 to P6:

·         Introduction to various elements of Music

·         Identification of students’ interests & strengths.

·         Exposure to different types of musical genres

·         Instilling creative thinking.

·         On-going student profiling/assessment to help them discover their interests and strengths


v  Shortlist P4/5/P6 pupils to go to music workshop at SOTA in March, June or November.


v  Art Fiesta in collaboration with Sports Carnival


Primary 1:

·         Drama (PAL - elements of music infused in Drama productions)

·         Body percussion and Voice


Primary 2:

·         Dance (PAL - elements of music used for dance items)

·         Glockenspiels/Mallets


Primary 3:

·         Mallets/Recorder


Primary 4:

·         Ukulele/Recorder


Primary 5:

·         Garageband using iPads


Primary 6:

·         Garageband using iPads

·         Keyboard




P1 to P6:

·         Internal & external music competitions – Watch Me!/Changkat’s Got Talent

·         National Day - Sing Singapore