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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

In 2019, we introduced our Applied Learning Programme (ALP). ALP has a E3 approach - Engage, Enrich and Empower - to cultivate a joy of learning in our students. With the theme ECO@CKP, it seeks to have our students be:

·       Empathetic towards our Earth and Environment

·       Skilful in Computational thinking with development of Coding skills

·       Opportunity seekers (through Design Thinking)

Its emphasis is on hands-on learning and experiments, solving real-life problems related to our Earth and Environment in our everyday lives.

Do watch the following video on our school’s ALP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoP6IrzAvic

Students will then apply these skills they learnt in the implementation of their Project Work (PW), which is the end product of the ALP.


We believe in a spiral approach where students will revisit the same topics every year, with each encounter increasing in complexity and reinforcing previous learning.

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ICT Skills

PW Product

Level 1:

Basic touch-typing and Exposure to Basic Coding

Primary 1

(1 hour per week)    

         Term 1 : Accounts Set-up, Navigating SLS,        Basic Touch-typing, Introduction to                 computer system and its peripherals             

         Term 2 : Navigating G Suite for                          Education (Google Classroom,                             Writing Email, Google Slides)

         Term 3 : Applied Learning Programme on 3Rs      and Upcycling [Project Work]                        

         Term 4 : Awbie (Block Programming) 

         Go to this website to find out what it is:


Make a simple presentation using Google Slides to promote 3Rs and Upcycling.

Primary 2

(1 hour per week)

         Term 1 : Accounts Set-up, Navigating G               Suite for Education, Basic Touch-typing

        • Term 2 : Open tools such as MS Word                  Processor, PowerPoint, Google Slides etc

        • Term 3 & Term 4 : Applied Learning                  Programme on Basic SCRATCH                             Programming [Project Work]


Create a Scratch interactive animation to promote awareness of Climate Change

Level 2:

Basic / Intermediate Coding

Primary 3

(8 sessions of 1 hour each)

·       Micro:bits (Basic)

Create a micro:bit prototype to promote 3Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle)

Primary 4 (8 sessions of 1 hour each)

·       Micro:bits (Intermediate)

Create a micro:bit prototype related to saving electricity, saving water and promote 3Rs.

Level 3:

Advanced Coding

Primary 5 (10 sessions of 1 hour each)

·       Micro:bits (Advanced)

Build a micro:bit prototype to solve an open-ended environment problem