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"Beyond Academic Excellence,
Skills and Values Shape Character"


Pupils who are holistically developed through CCA


Providing opportunities for our pupils to discover and develop their interests and talents through CCA

The school CCAs are designed to:
  • Provide for the holistic development of the child
  • Build character, team-spirit and a sense of responsibility while providing an avenue for social integration
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to develop their skills and talents in areas that they have interest


Performing Arts
CCA Participation Performances
SYF Presentation 2018:
  • Chinese New Year Concert
  • Metta Carnival
  • Kindergarten Visit
  • Heartbeat Bedok Performance
  • Prize Giving Concert
Dance (Modern)
SYF Presentation 2018:

Super 24 Dance Competition
  • Metta Carnival
  • Kindergarten Visit
  • Prize Giving Concert
Guitar Ensemble
SYF Presentation 2018:
  • National Day Dinner
  • Prize Giving Concert

Clubs and Societies
CCA Competition Participation
Art Club SYF Art Exhibition National Heritage Board Booklet Programme
  • Learning Journey to Arts Science Museum
  • Repair, Making & Me Learning Journey at United World College SEA
  • Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore
Tech Club 13th National Robotics Programming Competition:
1st runner up for Most Innovative Solution
  • Drone training at CCSS
  • Design Thinking and Micro:bits Training

Sports and Games
CCA Competition Results
Wushu National School Games Wushu Competition 2019 Participation Certificate for the below categories:
Junior Boys 5-Duan Nanquan (southern fist)
Junior Boys 3-Duan Changquan
Junior Girls 3-Duan Changquan
Senior Girls 4-Duan Broadsword
Junior Boys 4-Duan Cudgel
Junior Boys 4-Duan Spear
Senior Boys 4-Duan Cudgel
Junior Boys Group Quanshu
Junior Boys Group Weapon
Track & Field National Track and Field Championships 2019
Basketball SPSSC Basketball Boys East Zone Senior Division Preliminary Round (4th Position)
SPSSC Basketball Girls East Zone Senior Division Preliminary Round (5th Position)
SPSSC Basketball Boys National Junior Division Classification Round (1st Position),
Tier 1 ( 3rd Position)
SPSSC Basketball Girls National Junior Division Classification Round (5th Position),
Tier 3 (2nd Position)


Performing Arts
CCA Teacher-In-Charge Day/Time
1 Choir Miss Ha Siok Ting (OIC) ha_siok_ting@schools.gov.sg
Ms Anithasri
Ms Ivy Ang Wei Li
eCCA: 2.45 p.m.
Face to Face (selected dates):
2.00 - 4.00 p.m.
Dance (Modern) Mdm Kalai Selvi (OIC) kalai_selvi_c_kaliannan@schools.gov.sg
Mrs Christina Chan
Miss Rauhdah
Ms Gladys Soh Kang Hwee
Miss Dhashayani
2.00 - 4.00 p.m.

3 Guitar Ensemble Miss Nur Azura (OIC) nur_azura_rahim@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Sharifah Aminah
Miss Gina Goh
Mrs Manoj Kamala
2.00 - 4.00 p.m.

Clubs and Societies
CCA Teacher-In-Charge Day/Time
Art Club Mdm Aznani (OIC) aznani_aladin@schools.gov.sg
Miss Faradillah
Ms Shainas
Mrs Sim-Ng Li Leng
Mdm Koh Geok Hwa
2.00 - 3.30 p.m.
5 Tech Club Mr Chong Yong Tian (OIC) chong_yong_tian@schools.gov.sg
Mr Seow Tian Hou
Miss Hazel Huang
Mr Faiz Siddiq
Ms Dian Hazwani (ICT Trainer)
2.00 - 3.30 p.m.

Sports and Games
CCA Teacher-In-Charge Day/Time
6 Wushu Mrs Geraldine Wong (OIC) geraldine_wong_mei_ee@schools.gov.sg
Mdm Tay Aifang, Faith
Mdm Chew Poh Kim
Miss Yan Zhuyun
Mdm Nooradelin
Mondays & Thursdays
2.00 - 4.00 p.m.
7 Track & Field Mr Ng Boon Teng David (OIC) ng_boon_teng_david@schools.gov.sg
Miss Farhanah
Mdm Nur Arina
Mr K Parathi
Ms Tan Keng Tzu
Mondays & Thursdays
2.00 - 3.30 p.m.
8 Multisports Mr Lim Choon Hong (OIC) lim_choon_hong_a@schools.gov.sg
Mr Mohammad Taufeek
Miss Ofelia Lim
Mr Nurisham
Mrs Debbie Goh
Mr Jack Heng
Mondays & Thursdays
2.00 - 3.30 p.m.
9 Basketball Mr Muhammad Khairil (OIC) muhammad_khairil_kamal@schools.gov.sg
Miss Chan Hui Ying Kris 
Mr Li Kun Peng
Mrs Saraswathy Samuel
Mdm Radziyah
Mdm Nadjah
Mrs Juliana
Mdm Siti Aisyah
Mr Hoo Chee Mun
Mondays & Thursdays
Boys & Girls
2.05 - 5.15 p.m.