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Selection Criteria For TIE

This year, the school will be organizing 4 outbound trips. Pupils will be nominated by Teachers and the list of participants finalised by a selection panel. Further details about the trips and pupil selection criteria are as follow:


Selection Criteria


Chinese Cultural Immersion

To inculcate an appreciation of and interest in the Chinese Language and Culture

Character traits

  • Good attitude towards work and studies
  • Responsible
  • Respectful
  • A team player
  • Generally, display of good behavior in class


Emotional traits

  • Independent- able to stay apart from parents for extended periods
  • Adaptable- able to adapt and adjust to unfamiliar situations eg food, surroundings

Malay Cultural immersion

To inculcate an appreciation of and interest in the Malay Language and Culture

CCA Exchange


Primary objectives are  to serve as an incentive for pupils to strive to serve in the school team as well as recognize pupils in the school teams for the sacrifices made for the school 

Secondary objectives are 

  • to provide opportunities for school team players to interact with their foreign counterparts and forge new friendship
  • provide opportunities for pupils to learn to get along with schoolmates and promote a sense of camaraderie

Must be part of the school teams

Student Leaders Exchange


  • develop leadership qualities
  • build confidence and team work
  • provide opportunities for Character Building

Must be a serving student leader