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Infocomm & Technology

 “I don’t use technology in my classroom because it’s a buzzword or a trend. I use it because connecting my kids with the world will prepare them for the future.” ~ Anonymous   


In Changkat Primary School, we believe in teaching our students tomorrow’s skills today. A structured Core ICT Programme is administered to ensure that our students are equipped with the relevant ICT skills to help them attain the Baseline Standards set by MOE. The Core ICT Programme is conducted during school hours by our ICT Resident Trainer.


Integration of ICT into Curriculum

In pursuit of academic excellence, our Supporting ICT Programmes are integrated into the curriculum. To support and enhance learning, students in Changkat Primary School have two main e-learning platforms that cater to different learning needs. One of which is The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) that provides teachers with a wide repertoire of teaching materials to support collaborative learning. This platform also encourages students to be a Self-Directed learner as students will be able to revise their work at their own pace and own time. We also have the G Suite for Education which is a suite of hosted communication and collaboration tools which include Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets, Sites, and Drawings. Google Classroom is also used by teachers to help create and organise assignments via Google Docs/Sheet/Slides quickly, provide feedback efficiently and communicate easily with their classes.  

E-learning days are also set aside and e-learning tasks are assigned to students frequently in various subjects to ensure that students know what to do in case of school closure.  

Other ICT applications are also used pervasively in our teaching and learning such as use of the CMS, dataloggers, Google Apps and Web 2.0 tools. ICT is used as a vehicle to drive our IP subjects.


With dealing in this modern age of IT-savvy students, we need to also look into the etiquette in Cyberspace. Based on Cyberwellness framework from MOE of Respect for Self and Others and Safe and Responsible use of technology, the school has implemented programmes for students to help them deal with moral issues online.  

Cyberwellness ambassadors are also trained to be leaders in leading cyber awareness to their peers. Term 2 Week 10 is dedicated to be Cyberwellness Week.