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Every pupil, a logical thinker and an analytical problem solver, with a lifelong interest and love for Mathematics.

To develop the lifelong interest and love for Mathematics which allows pupils to discover the meaning in learning Mathematics by engaging pupils in activities which develop their ability to reason logically and to communicate mathematically.

Weekend Revision Programme (WRP)
For P1-3, based on the analysis of the previous assessment, teachers identify topics/concepts to the WRP package. For P4-6, WRP package consists of Booklet A (P4) and Paper 1 (P5&6) of the previous assessment. The objective of this programme is to provide reinforcement and practice for the topics/concepts taught previously. 

Heuristics Package

Equipping pupils with the skills and heuristics for mathematical problem-solving is fundamental to the learning of Mathematics. The Mathematics Department has designed a Heuristic Package for P1 to P6 that will systematically enable the pupils to be equipped with the different Mathematics heuristics and model drawing for problem-solving.

Math Recess Play

The Math department seeks to bring enjoyment and excitement in the learning of Mathematics by providing pupils greater exposure through different games/puzzles. It allows pupils to learn how these games relate to what they had learnt and reinforce on their Mathematical concepts. 

Enrichment And Support Programmes
The E2K Mathematics Programme is a Mathematics enrichment for selected Primary 4 and 5 pupils conducted by our teachers. It aims to develop in pupils mathematical reasoning skills and deepen their conceptual understanding through an inquiry approach which allows them to collaborate with their peers and engage in mathematical thinking through resources such as puzzles, games and mathematics explorations which are specially designed for the programme.

External Competitions
Pupils have the opportunities to take part in various Math competitions organized by other schools such as NUS High NMOS, ACS Mathlympics, SMOPS organized by Hwa Chong etc. 


This programme equips the pupils with the basic numeracy and literacy skills, thereby boosting their confidence in Mathematics problem solving.

Learning Fiesta
Changkat’s Learning Fiesta is an inter-department event carried out on Term 3 Week 1. It aims to be an engaging platform for pupils to develop the joy of learning Mathematics and also, to see the relevance of Mathematics in their daily lives. Station games involving Whole Numbers, Money, Percentage, Fraction and Time were carried out during recess.

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Parents Workshop
Engaging Parents is part of the school’s effort to enhance home support for pupil learning. The department organises Math workshops for parents every year as parental involvement plays a vital role at all stages in the pupils’ learning. The objectives are to better equip parents with approaches and strategies to guide their children through their learning and preparations for examinations.