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Mother Tongue


Passionate Learners, People of high moral standing


Instilling in every child a sense of pride in his heritage, a passion to master and use his Mother Tongue language, and developing pupils who possess high moral standing.


Reading Mum for Lower Primary (P1-P2)

For Malay and Tamil Language, Reading Mum is conducted for P1 & P2 pupils who have little or no Mother-Tongue (MT) speaking background.  In this programme, our parent volunteers will read storybooks and other reading materials to small groups of pupils and later engage them in some post-reading activities. The objectives are to arouse their interest in learning MT and to provide them with more language exposure.

For Chinese, our Parent Volunteers will conduct storytelling session once a month in the school library for P1 to P3 pupils during recess time.

School-Based Reading Programme (P1-P6)

The objective of this programme is to provide pupils with access to books of different genres. The approach adopted includes guided reading, role play and a series of other activities; it aims to inculcate in pupils the love in reading MT books.


MT Cultural Camp (P3) 

The aim of this camp is to provide an immersive environment for pupils to learn and use Mother Tongue Language; and also to appreciate one’s own mother tongue language culture through hands-on activities. 


This programme is conducted in Semester 2, over a span of 2-3 days.


Mother Tongue Languages Fortnight (P1-P6)

The MTL Fortnight is an initiative started by MOE to provide opportunities for all schools in Singapore to engage students in the learning and use of their mother tongue languages outside the context of their daily academic lessons. We believe that to fully appreciate and be confident in the MTL, our pupils’ needs to be immersed in an environment that promotes active involvement and participation in MTL. As such, in our school's effort to create a vibrant environment conducive to MTL usage and learning, the Mother Tongue department will schedule 2 consecutive weeks in Term 3 for this inaugural event. During this period, pupils were exposed to a wide range of activities promoting the use of MTL. These activities include cultural games, quizzes, hands-on cultural experiences (eg. Traditional Arts and Games, Chinese Fan/Batik Painting, cultural performances, Theatre experience, learning journeys and more. )

This programme is conducted in Semester 2 Term 3, over 2 consecutive weeks.

Conversational Chinese / Malay Language for P3 pupils

The Conversational Chinese/Malay Programme (CCM) was introduced as an enrichment programme for non-Chinese/non-Malay pupils who are interested in learning a 3rd language and its culture. Learning Conversational Chinese/Malay would provide these pupils with the facility to communicate with their counterparts, to better understand and appreciate Chinese/Malay culture and values. It will also help pupils enhance their rapport with friends of the other race. Feedback from pupils is that they have enjoyed the class and hopes to continue learning the 3rd language when they go to a secondary school.


Overseas Immersion Programme (Selected P5 pupils)

The overseas Immersion Programme is to develop in our pupils the 21st Century Competencies of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities and to expose pupils to Asia and the world and sensitise them to the place of Singapore in the world. We also hope to help pupils cultivate skills and values such as self-reliance, independence, bonding with fellow schoolmates and also foster team camaraderie through this programme.