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Physical Education


Students with Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds



Every student to be able to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living


PE Team @ Changkat

Mr Ban Choon Kwee

HOD PE, Aesthetics & CCA

Mr Mohd Taufeek Ramlan

Senior Teacher PE

Miss Chan Hui Ying

SH Student Leadership

Mr David Ng

Teacher Counselor

Mr Khairil Kamal

Assistant Year Head (P5)

Mr Lim Choon Hong

Health Education Coordinator

Mr Khairul Nizam

PE Teacher



PE Department Programs for 2022:

·       Inter Class Games (P1 to P6)

·       Sports Carnival (P1 to P6)

·       P4 Annual School Camp

·       Modular Curricular Activities (MCA) (P3 to P6)

·       Superfit Me (P4 to P6)


The PE Department is guided by the 3E framework of ‘Educate, Experience & Excel’. At the level of “Educate and Experience”, the school plans for mass participation in PE during curricular hours for students to learn new sports and build skills.  At the level of “Excel”, students are exposed to various competitions such as the Intra-Class Games, Inter-Class Games as well as the Sports Carnival.



PE Department Overview


P1 to P6:

1.     Games & Sports

2.     Outdoor Education

3.     Gymnastics

4.     Dance

5.     Physical Health Education

6.     Athletic Skills (From P3)


P1 to P6:

·       Introduction to various sports & games

·       Identification, promotion & enhancement of students’ interests & strengths

·       Exposure to authentic game-like situations

·       Promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle

·       Differentiated Instructions in sports modules


v  P4 Annual School Camp in Term 3




P3 to P6:

·       Intra-Class Games throughout the year during PE lessons

·       Inter-Class Games in Term 2 & Term 4

·       Sports Carnival in Term 3

·       NAPFA (P4 & P6)


P1 & P2:

·       Intra-Class Games throughout the year during PE lessons

·       Inter-Class Games in Term 3 & Term 4

·       Sports Carnival in Term 3