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Curious Minds, Custodians of the Environment.
Instilling in every child a passion for Science, a sense of wonder and curiosity about their surroundings and developing pupils who possess the right attitude towards our environment.
With the emphasis on a student-centred approach, the teaching and learning of Science at Changkat Primary School focuses on the importance of providing authentic contexts for pupils to apply their learning. During lessons, we explore how science is interwoven in our daily lives to make the learning of Science more meaningful and sustainable.  This is done through programmes which cater to the different needs and learning styles of the pupils.
Science Programmes @ Changkat Primary:
(a) IBL Lesson Packages
Guided by the 5Es in the Inquiry-based Learning approach, pupils discover science concepts through hands-on experience and discovery learning. Lesson packages for all levels (P3 to P6) are differentiated according to pupils’ readiness.

Teaching Science through inquiry leverages on the use of ICT to promote SDL and CoL to bring about engaged learning. For example, blogging is commonly used as a platform for pupils to engage in discussions and presenting information. Formative assessment tools (e.g. exit cards, LGIs) are seamlessly integrated to provide an on-going assessment of pupils’ understanding & application of concepts.

(b) STEPS (Striving Towards Excellence in Process Skills)
When engaging in scientific experiments and answering Science questions, pupils are expected to apply the scientific concepts together with one or more of the process skills learnt. At Changkat Primary, pupils are taught explicitly how to tackle process skills questions using the STEPS Package. The process skills taught are progressive in nature and age-appropriate. This is further supported by a workshop mounted for parents at the beginning of the year to provide the additional coaching at home by using a common language and approach.
(c) Learning Journeys
Learning Journeys are planned for the pupils to enrich their learning and to allow pupils to relate what they have learnt in the text to what they observe in the environment. The content covered is aligned to the topics that they are learning for the current year. In line with NE, pupils also learn about Singapore’s heritage and its limited resources and the importance of the needs to conserve the environment and play a role. The Learning Journey for each level is as follows:
P3 – Lesson at Science Centre
P4 –Lesson at Science Centre
P5 – Singapore Botanic Garden
P6 – Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
(d) Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA)  ~  Transform your creative invention into a toy!
The Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) is an annual competition jointly organised by the Science Centre Singapore and Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Agency For Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). 

The main objective of this competition is to promote creativity among the primary students. The competition also provides an opportunity for them to learn about science beyond the classrooms in a fun and enjoyable way.  Changkat Primary has participated in this competition since 2012. An in-house competition is conducted yearly to shortlist the toys. Pupils are given the opportunity to showcase their toys to the other pupils during recess.