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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Vision and mission of ECO@CKP Applied Learning Programme


In 2019, we introduced our Applied Learning Programme (ALP). ALP has a E3 approach - Engage, Enrich and Empower - to cultivate a joy of learning in our students. With the theme ECO@CKP, it seeks to have our students be:

  • Empathetic towards our Earth and environment
  • Skillful in Computational thinking with development of Coding skills
  • Opportunity seekers (through Design Thinking)

Its emphasis is on hands-on learning and experiments, solving real-life problems related to our Earth and Environment in our everyday lives.

Students will then apply these skills they learnt in the implementation of their Project Work (PW), which is the end-product of the ALP.

We believe in a spiral approach where students will revisit the same topics every year, with each encounter increasing in complexity and reinforcing previous learning.

Tier-1 programme (school-wide)


ALP Lessons

Project Work tasks

Level 1


Exposure to Basic Coding


Awbie coding

Creating a Google Slide

Make a simple presentation using Google Slide to promote 3Rs and upcycling.


Exposure to

Scratch  3.0


(Making an animation)

Create a Scratch interactive animation to promote awareness of climate change.

Level 2


Basic /

Intermediate /




Micro:bit (Basic)

Create a Micro:bit prototype to promote 3Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle).


Micro:bit (Intermediate)

Create a Micro:bit prototype related to smart school/garden.


Micro:bit (Advanced)

Create a Micro:bit prototype to solve open-ended environmental problems.

Tier-2 programme (CCA)



No. of lessons

Tech Club CCA

       In-depth coding projects using Scratch, Micro:bits with various additional sensors

       Participation in coding competitions

2 hours every CCA week