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Student Leadership


In CKPS, we believe every student can be a leader. We aim to develop student leaders to be confident learners who lead by serving and caring for others. Our Student Leadership Programme is guided by the principles of Servant Leadership and also centre about our school values, vision and mission statement in developing the leadership potential in students..




Leadership Roles

Area of Focus/Advocacy



To represent the student body in leading and refining initiatives. To care, to serve and to lead by maintaining school discipline and building a gracious school community.


CCA Leaders

To lead, inspire and guide CCA members to achieve their best. To build camaraderie amongst CCA members.


Monitors/Peer Support Leaders

To promote a bully-free environment and encourage others to look out for peers who need help or support.


Reading Ambassadors

To promote reading culture in school through sharing of book reviews and raising awareness on the benefits of reading


VIA Leaders

To lead in raising awareness of environmental issues


ICT Leaders

To champion key cyber wellness messages.

To lead in setting up & troubleshooting of technological tools.


PE Leaders

To promote an active and healthy lifestyle in school.

Student Leadership Development Plan

The development of our Student Leaders is based on The Student Leadership Challenge, The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership- MICEE model by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner which comprises:



1.       Model the Way (Accountability)

Student Leaders are expected to lead by example and be good role models. They will exemplify our school values through their actions and influence others to act and follow in being a citizen of honour.


2.       Inspire a Shared Vision (Effective Collaboration)

Student Leaders are to inspire and rally others to work towards a common vision and goal. They are to be equipped with effective communication skills which enable them to persuade and convince others to accept and embrace their ideas.


3.       Challenge the Process (Courage)

Student Leaders search for challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate and improve the school and the well-being of the student population.


4.       Enable Others to Act (Respect)

Student Leaders are expected to be a team player and foster collaboration through building trust and facilitating relationships.


5.       Encourage the Heart (Humility)

Student Leaders recognise and appreciate the contributions made by his/her team members through affirmation, encouragement and moral support. Conscious effort is also made to celebrate small success so as to build a strong sense of collective identity and community spirit.