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Changkat Primary School partners with Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to promote FamilyMatters@School. It is a school-based programme that seeks to enhance the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents by offering them easy access to Family Life Education programmes and resources.

Children at different ages adopt different patterns of thoughts and behaviour. Recognising this, parenting talks and workshops, Positive Parenting Parenting Programme (Triple P) Seminar Series and parent-child bonding activities are organised to equip parents with skills to raise and interact with their children. They address a broad range of parental concerns that include effective parenting skills, importance of open communication and support and effective discipline and boundaries. The workshops and activities aim to give parents some insights into raising their children to be resilient and independent, as well as to promote and boost parent-child relationships.

Please look out for information about the different parenting programmes that will be made available in Parent’s Notification.