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Student ICON

Instructions to login to Student ICON

Click here for login page.  Go to https://workspace.google.com/dashboard
Student ICON logi
n details has been given to students. 

For the ICON email address, please take note the following:
  • Any space in the full name will be replaced with an underscore.
  • Should the student’s full name have words such as “Bte”, “d/o”  and “s/o”, they will not appear in the email address. (eg, Abdullah Bte Mohmand => abdullah_mohmand@students.edu.sg
  • For cases where students share the same full name, we have added a numerical number (e.g. Ang_Bee_Bee_1, Ang_Bee_Bee_2) to differentiate their email addresses.
  • Take note of the correct domain is studentS.edu.sg not student.edu.sg
Here's an example of the slip:
Capture 1.png

Student ICON Onboard Guide

For more instructions on Student ICON Onboarding, please click here

For more instructions on Google Classroom, please click here.

Student ICON is primarily used to log on to the computers in school. Please approach your form teacher if you need your account to be unlocked.

Password Requirements
Do take note of the password policy below:
Student iCON - Password Requirements.jpg