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Meet The Parents 2021

Follow-up on Meet-the-Parents (MTP) Session

In order for parents/guardians to better understand our school and level programmes and expectations, the school would like to urge all parents/guardians to set aside time this week to go through the information in the Meet-the-Parents (MTP) slides on your own carefully and familiarize yourselves with the content. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact your child/ward’s Form Teachers and clarify any doubts with the teachers.



Principal’s & Year Head’s Address

Form Teachers’ Briefing

P1 & P2

Principal's Brief for P1

Principal's Brief for P2

Lower YH's Brief for P1

Lower YH's Brief for P2

P1 Form Teachers' Slides

P2 Form Teachers' Slides

P3 & P4

Principal's Brief for P3

Principal's Brief for P4

Middle YH's Brief for P3

Middle YH's Brief for P4

 P3 Form Teachers' Slides

P4 Form Teachers' Slides

P5 & P6

Principal's Brief for P5

Principal's Brief for P6

Upper YH's Brief for P5

Upper YH's Brief for P6

 P5 Form Teachers' Slides

P6 Form Teachers' Slides